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International Workshop on 
Intelligent and Adaptive Web-based Educational Systems 

(held in conjunction with the International Conference on Computers in Education) 

Motivation of the Workshop

Providing learners with an environment that reacts intelligently to the users’ needs and incorporates their individual characteristics for presenting suitable information and learning material, helps to support learners and makes learning easier for them. Such systems can incorporate, for example, the prior knowledge, preferences, learning goals, learning styles, and cognitive abilities of learners.

Web-based educational systems based on learning management systems (LMS) such as WebCT, Blackboard, and Moodle are commonly and successfully used in distance learning. They provide a variety of features to support teachers and course developers to create and manage their online courses. However, at current stage, such environments provide very little, or in most cases, neither intelligent support nor adaptivity at all.

This workshop focuses on how intelligent support and adaptive features can be integrated in currently used systems as well as on how intelligent and adaptive Web-based educational systems can be improved in order to provide a better learning environment for learners.

The need arise for smart learning environments that offer personal services in the whole cycle of education, from counselling, to academic advising, to program planning, to collaborative learning, to tutoring, and to testing. Learning management systems and university portals need the incorporation of intelligence, adaptivity, and agent-based capabilities to offer dynamic, intelligent and adaptive educational systems.

The workshop deals with current research about providing intelligent support and adaptive features in the whole cycle of education in order to support the learners and educators, to increase learning opportunities and improve the efficiency and quality of service. The workshop will provide a forum for discussing how to introduce and incorporate intelligence and adaptivity into Web-based educational systems and university portals for teaching, learning, and educational administration.