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Admina is the short female form of system administrator. The Admina.at project offered by the Women's Postgraduate College for Internet Technologies provides a number of hands-on practical experience system administation workshops, created and held by women exclusively for women. Admina.at follows the example of the highly successful admina project created 1995 at the University of Hamburg.

Admina.at workshops offer currect, immediately useful computer science knowledge outside of the regulations and exam pressure of the ordinary university course program. The focus on practical application on the one hand rapidly gives the participants a sense of achievement and allows them to identify their personal strengths, while on the other hand it also emphasizes the relevance of theoretical knowledge.

Admina.at workshops are organized in small groups, allowing strong individual support for every participant. The workshops are offered on two different levels, for teenagers and university students. Their main focus lies on improving the communication between female students of the same peer group, thus encouraging networking activities, which are crucial for success in the academic and the professional world.

Admina.at introduces the workshop participants to the large variety of topics in the world of computer science and hopes to stimulate their interest. Students at the workshops have fun and make new friends, while at the same time learning useful skills, all in line with the project's goals to increase the number of female beginners as well as graduates at the Faculty of Informatics as well as improving the students' academic success and career entry opportunities.

Admina.at offers the following courses:

  • PC Hardware. How to take a computer apart and put it back together again. Includes the characteristics of the components, installation and basic configuration of an operating system, command line interaction, and tipps and advice for buying hardware and trouble shooting.
  • Programming for beginners. Includes installation of the necessary software components, the fundamental concepts of programming, tipps and advice, trouble shooting and many useful examples.
  • Linux. Installation of a dual-boot system (adding Linux to a Windows system). Includes partitioning, configuration of a boot manager, the Linux file system hierarchy, a choice of command line tools for system administration and monitoring, using texteditors, a number of common application scenarios (data exchange between Linux and Windows, installation of additional software, remote data access, digital cameras and other removable hardware, etc.), and the differences between Linux and commercial operating systems.

Participants receive certificates of participation. The courses are free of charge.

Participants at an Admina.at computer hardware workshop Participants at an Admina.at computer hardware workshop Participants at an Admina.at computer hardware workshop Participants at an Admina.at computer hardware workshop Participants at an Admina.at computer hardware workshop
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